Dear valued supporters & friends,


Our Women of Song celebratory concert premiered on May 18th, 2021. You may view it, by clicking on this link (DTGC YouTube channel).

Starting in March 2020, the pandemic forced the Down Town Glee Club to suspend all of our in-person activities. At that time, we all felt so disheartened that we vowed never to allow it to happen again. During the following summer, we started tackling the many issues involved in "going virtual". It has been daunting at times and has required much adjustment and flexibility, but we were able to premier our first virtual effort with the 2020 Winter Concert last December. Now the time has come to do it again.


This year, all year, we are dedicating our Spring and Winter Concerts to the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which finally extended the vote to women. Our tribute is in the performance of songs created by women, as lyricist, composer or both. Fittingly, the historic election of November 2020 resulted in the country’s first woman Vice President, a significant honor, long overdue. 2021 is also the 105th anniversary of the first woman elected to congress: Jeanette Rankin in 1916, as well as the 40th anniversary of the first woman to be confirmed to the Supreme Court: Sandra Day O’Conner in 1981.


​Finally, we humbly request that you contribute whatever amount you are able (please see the "Support Us" box at the top right of this page) to help us weather this continuing storm and get back to live performances when it is finally over.


With heartfelt appreciation and our collective best wishes for your health and happiness,

The Down Town Glee Club

Frank Kitchens, President