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Meet our Members!

Our First Tenors

Charles McKie

Tenor 1. Member since 1994 (24 years)

Favorite musicals: West Side Story, Guys and Dolls


I was introduced to the Down Town Glee Club by longtime member Elmer Joerg. I always loved music and loved to sing. I sang in school and church choirs, and later began vocal training. I love the music we sing at the Down Town Glee Club and I love the American Songbook. The Club has given me many opportunities to perform both in the group and as a soloist.

Earl Dean Alexander

Tenor 1. Member since 1996 (22 years)

Favorite musician- Alaine Bolton,former pianist with DTGC

Favorite genre- Classical

I was influenced to start playing the violin by violinist, Clyde Rickman. I would listen as he would play violin in the apartment above me, and his beautiful playing inspired me to pick up the instrument. I played violin with the Utica Symphony Orchestra from 1950-2016. I love being part of the Glee Club because of two things: I love listening to the fascinating soloists that guest our concerts, and I love the friends I made while here: George Mead, Stanley and Olivia Hall, and of course Gladstone Trott.

Robert Hylton

Tenor 1. Member since 2015 (3 years)

Favorite musician: Michael Jackson

Favorite genre- Pop, R&B, and Gospel

I remember always having a love of music. As a child, I listened to music on the radio, heard my mom sing, and experienced music in church and in school. The Down Town Glee Club gives me an opportunity to learn and grow as a singer and performer.

Elmer Joerg

Tenor 2. Member since 1970 (48 years)

I just could not decide on a favorite musical. I love just about every musical.

I grew up listening to my mother, who always sang even before I could talk. From then on, music has always been a part of my life. I love the sound of male choral singing! It is an unique art in and of itself.

Cameron Draper

Tenor 1. New member as of 2018

Favorite musician: Carole King

Favorite musical: South Pacific


I sang in church choir growing up and my choir director always encouraged me to keep singing. I love getting to sing songs I know and love in a stress-free environment.

Our Second Tenors

Michael Tedesco

Tenor 2. Member since 2005 (14 years)

Favorite Musician: George Harrison, The Bee Gees

Favorite musicals: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and Urinetown: The Musical!


Two people inspired me to pursue music: My dad who was a keyboardist and bought me my first guitar… and my mom who taught me how to sing Beatles and Doo Wop. I enjoy bringing past and present generations of men together for the sake of enjoying the Great American Songbook.

Andrew Lee

Tenor 2. Member since 2015 (3 years)

Favorite music genre: Jazz and popular music up through the 90s

I heard a recording of The Down Town Glee Club performing “Surfer Girl” by the Beach Boys and decided I had to join the group! Men from all walks of life have been coming together here since 1927 because they love to sing together, and that’s a pretty amazing thing to be a part of.

Michael Seidita

Tenor 2. Member since 2008 (10 years)

Favorite musical: Show Boat

Favorite artists: Ray Charles and Dave Clark Five

I sang in various male glee clubs throughout high school and college.

I like singing in the Down Town Glee Club because it brings men of many diverse backgrounds together in song.

Steve Lee

Tenor 2. Member since Spring 2016 (2.5 years)

Favorite musical genre- Jazz


I always loved singing, and harmonizing with a group is the best!

Singing in the glee club is a supportive, low pressure space for people to enjoy and hone their singing.

Our Baritones

Leonard Tedesco

Baritone. Member since 2017 (1 years)

Favorite music genre/artists: 1960s-80s rock and oldies, Beatles, Frank Sinatra

When I was a kid, my mom always played great music from her era. We'd get up in the morning to go to school listening to 101.1 WCBS FM with Cousin Brucie as he played "oldies" on the radio. Later, my family and I would go to Beatles festivals and perform songs by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. I love the Down Town Glee Club because I get to sing with my brother Michael, as well some other great gentlemen who I consider my friends.

Dale Isip

Baritone. New member as of 2018

Favorite singer: Kaori Murakami (UA)

Favorite Musical: Les Miserables

Music has always been a part of my life, especially growing up. I was inspired by a grade school performance of Les Miserables and by performing in my school band. Singing is a great release. It is definitely a hobby that makes me happy.

Steven D. Patzer

Baritone. New member and recipient of the 2018 "Gladstone Trott Young Musicians Scholarship"

Favorite Artist: Frank Sinatra

Favorite Musical: Phantom of the Opera


I was inspired by my 3rd grade music teacher and the song “Five More Minutes” by Frank Sinatra. I like singing in the Club because it is a great way to help train my voice as a singer.

Joshua Miller

Baritone. Member since 2013 (5 years)

Favorite genre: R&B

Favorite musical: Pippin

Bobby Darin’s music inspired me to sing. I love the diversity of the group and the warmth of the singers in the club.

Jerry Osterberg

Baritone. Member since 1980 (38 years)

Favorite Band: Tommy Dorsey     

Favorite Genre- Great American Songbook

I was inspired by my mother and by listening to music on the radio. I like singing in the Glee Club because I like the camaraderie. It is a challenging, relaxing, and great feeling singing with the group every week.

Frank Kitchens

Baritone, Singing member since 2018 

Favorite musicians: Rodgers & Hammerstein

Favorite genre: The Great American Songbook

I can scarcely remember not singing. In earlier years, I loved Broadway musical, the Gershwins, Classical music and Hymns. Blues, Soul and early Rock were the soundtrack of my teenage years, I've never heard music I did not like.

Brian Mayer

Baritone. Singing member since 2015 (2 years); involved as a volunteer since 2014

Favorite musician: Billy Joel

Favorite musical: Les Miserables

I discovered my love of music from my mother, my grandparents, and my childhood piano teacher.  My greatest inspiration came from singing the prayers in Hebrew at our family’s Conservadox synagogue. The feeling of being part of a greater whole, the sense of spirituality, and the beauty of the tunes and language of the pieces got me hooked on large-group singing forevermore.


Although I have sung in many choirs, there is something special about a bunch of guys who sing and who are not afraid of the perceptions too often associated with doing so. The DTGC--with its diversity of musical talent and experience and of members' ages, life stories, and creative pursuits, and yet shared passion for the beauty that singing brings into this world and evokes from inside oneself--epitomizes this special quality. It is this passion and the resulting camaraderie that makes singing with the DTGC such a life-enhancing experience.

Our Basses

Steve Vrattos

Bass. Member since 1995 (23 years)

Favorite artist: Steely Dan

Bugs Bunny cartoons inspired me musically and performatively!

I sing in the Glee Club for the love of filling out questionnaires for bios. I also love to research and write music notes about the songs we do, which can be found in this program, too!

Lane Warren

Bass. Member since 2017

Favorite artists: Manhattan Transfer, The Andrew Sisters, and the Statler Brothers

I saw an ad about the Glee Club and thought I’d give it a shot.  It’s been quite enjoyable so far! The Down Town Glee Club is a great atmosphere for men to socialize and practice the art of singing together.

Oscar Maxwell III

Bass. Member since 2003 (15 years)

Favorite singers: Steve Wonder, Oscar Peterson and George Duke

-I was born to sing!!! Music has always been a part of my life. Having sung at Carnegie Hall and other venues, I am glad to lend my musical talents to support the men of DTGC!

Joseph Martin

Bass. Conductor from 2013-2016. Inducted as an Honorary Member in 2018.

Favorite musician: Eminem

Favorite musical: Company by Sondheim

My parents inspired me to pursue music. My father was a church musician and medieval ethics professor at St. John's in Queens, NY and my mother is currently chairperson of the English department at Vaughn College, also in Queens.

The Down Town Glee Club is the realest group of people I know. I cannot deny that this group of men were sincere, transparent, and forthright. There's a lot of artificiality in the art world, and, with experience, I've come to appreciate how genuine performers, no matter what level they may be musically, are the only performers that have a shot at making actual art. Mad props to DTGC. Rest in Peace Gladstone Trott.

Peter Gallinari-Linari


I have been a film and TV actor for many years, and I've been singing all my life. I'm happy to be singing with the Downtown Glee club.